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At iComply, we think your pool or spa time should be about soaking up good vibes, not stressing about the hassle of inspections. 

Ella is at the helm, with a combined eight years of hands-on experience in Compliance with Local Government and Lifeguarding. iComply will ensure your pool or spa barrier compliance so you can focus on what truly matters – enjoying a BBQ in the sun, lazy afternoons on the lilos, and the classic family belly flop competition.

Choose iComply, where Aussie pool fun meets peace of mind.


    • On December 1st, 2019, Victoria introduced new laws to improve the safety of your pool or spa barrier.

    • Every pool or spa must be registered with your local Council by 1st November 2020.

    • Once registered, you must supply a Certificate of Compliance (form 23) to your local Council. 

    • Only a registered inspector can deem your barrier safe. That's where iComply comes in!

    • Register your pool or spa with your local Council.

    • Your local Council will then provide you with a Letter of Registration.

    • The Letter of Registration will contain the pool or spa construction date and applicable Australian Standard.

    • Make sure to have a copy of your Letter of Registration ready before booking in with iCOMPLY.

    • Book your inspection with iCOMPLY here.

    • An iCOMPLY Inspector will attend your home to complete an inspection of your pool or spa barrier.

    • The inspection will ensure your pool or spa barrier meets the Australian Standard specified in your Council letter.

    • If your barrier meets compliance, you will receive a Certificate of Compliance (form 23).

    • If your barrier is noncompliant, iCOMPLY will issue you a detailed report. You must complete the required remedies within 60 days of the inspection date, ready for your re-inspection with iCOMPLY.

    • Once iCOMPLY has certified your pool or spa barrier, you must lodge your Certificate of Compliance (form 23) with your local Council within 30 days. iCOMPLY will specify this date for you.

    • Your Certificate of Compliance (form 23) is due for renewal in four years time.

    • iCOMPLY will send you a friendly reminder 6 months before your next inspection.

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